Hi! I’m Caitlin, the founder and CEO of FATSKN Inc. Shortly after I married my husband in August 2017, we decided to get serious about having a baby. I went into research mode and dove deep on all topics related to natural fertility, digestion, fetal development, nutrients, supplements, and any tangent that popped up along the way the piqued my interest.

The year before, I had worked with a hormone doctor to ensure all my baby-making hormones were back to normal after going off the pill (I was on it for 10 years). I found it extremely helpful and learned a lot about my genetic makeup, supplements and hormone disruptors. I began to apply what I had learned and what I was learning, and took a long hard look at what I was putting in and on my body.

The number one thing going keto taught me (in 2015) was to read the ingredients list. Not only did it blow my mind (sugar is in EVERYTHING), it made me realize that the things that are best for you are things that you can make yourself because the ingredients are all natural.

Next, I threw out all our nasty cleaning products (you know, the stuff that works really well but makes you choke from the smell?), all our dish and laundry detergent. I got rid of anything with the word “fragrance” or “parfum”: skin cream, shampoo and conditioner. Everything with SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) also had to go: toothpaste, soaps. I even gradually stopped wearing makeup (not that I had ever worn much).

Keep in mind this was 2017, so I looked for Paleo products online, mostly in the US. I checked out the health food stores and gradually replaced cleaning
supplies, detergents, shampoos. Skincare was on ongoing journey and keto had taught me to go back to the source: the best things come from ingredients we all have access to.

The local grassfed and grassfinished meat supplier I was ordering my meat from had high-quality, rendered tallow available so I started experimenting with home made balms. I spent over a year selecting ingredients and creating something clean and natural that I use every day on myself, my baby and my husband. 

xo Caitlin


Caitlin Warrington, Founder of Fatskn