While tallow used to be considered an extremely useful part of the animal, it's been demonized and discarded for the last half-century. Like organ meats, the majority of North Americans have turned their noses up at the idea of cooking with or eating something that isn't filet mignon. Even roasts have gone out of style as, frankly, they're a bit touch and require some finesse to really get right. More often than not butchers discard the organs and fat as there is no market for it.

But as the idea of nose-to-tail eating sees a resurgence, many regenerative, grassfed/grassfinished, homesteading farms have been keeping and selling these amazing extras to those who understand their value. This is true sustainability: healthy animals who spend their lives on the land, helping it to regenerate, eventually butchered and every piece of them used. There is no waste when you live close to the land. Everything can be repurposed, everything can be reused. 



The appeal of plastic packaging is in the cost: it is way cheaper and easier to source than metal tins and biodegradable cardboard tubes. But we decided right from the start that we wanted to use as little plastic in our packaging as possible. Currently the only plastic Fatskn uses is the stickers. We eventually hope to get rid of these when our sales reach a point that ordering the minimum quantity required for printing directly on the tins becomes financially viable. 

We hope that you like the tins and that you can find someway to reuse them yourselves. They're great for holding jewelry, snacks, name it. 

We work hard to reduce the amount of waste and recycling in both our personal and corporate spheres. Currently our only advice to you, the consumer, is to do your best to reuse Fatskn items and recycle the rest.