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Sustainable choices that just make sense.

Helping you live closer to the land. 

Why tallow?

Our culture has demonized and discarded this rich, saturated fat for the last half-century.  


The truth is, we’ve become so disconnected from our food– and the process between farm to table.  


We’ve collectively turned our noses up at cooking with anything that doesn’t resemble filet mignon.  With no market for organs or tallow, butchers don’t have a reason to hang on to these “scraps.”  


Not only is this wasteful– it doesn’t make sense.


These cuts are packed with fat-soluble vitamins, essential minerals, and life-sustaining energy.  


Instead of throwing out the most useful, nutrient-dense parts of the animal– let’s use them.


Thankfully, the concept of nose-to-tail is being resurrected.  There’s value in every part of the animal– not just muscle meats.


With a growing demand for these products, more and more regenerative farmers keep and sell them to consumers who get it. 


This is true sustainability.  And it’s common sense.


Happy, healthy animals grazing on lush pasture, regenerating the soil, and providing well-rounded nourishment– inside and out.


Let’s continue to follow in our ancestors’ footsteps and cherish the whole animal.


Graze our blog to meet our ranch partners and learn more about regenerative agriculture.  Let us know what you think!

Resin sourcing

Wildcrafting is a mindful partnership– not a toxic relationship.  


This is why we emphasize the ethical harvesting of all our ingredients– especially our resins.


We source our resins from local distributors and foragers that understand small-batch collection and preservation.  


Each resin species has a different story and pattern.  


We keep a pulse on it all to make sure these resources thrive year after year.


For information on where we get our frankincense sacra resin extract, take a stroll through Apothecary’s Garden


To learn more about our spruce resin foragers, wander over to Alberta Wildcraft.


And don’t forget to hop on our email list for updates as seasonal offerings come and go.

Hormone-friendly, natural packaging.

We try to use as little plastic as possible.




To minimize the toxins that come in contact with our formulas.


We want each product to start pure and stay pure.


So we house our creams in metal tins and our balms in biodegradable cardboard tubes.


Is it more expensive?  Yeah.  


Is it worth it?  100%.


The only plastic we currently use is in our stickers.  We plan to phase this out once direct printing becomes financially viable. 


After finishing your Fatstks, just recycle the tube or throw it in the compost.


We hope you savor your body butters and salves, but once they’re gone, feel free to reuse the tin however you’d like!  


Store your jewelry, snacks, lures, vitamins– you name it.


We’re always looking for creative ways to reduce waste and encourage you to do the same (where it makes sense).


Living well should never feel like a compromise.