Will Fatskn clog my pores?

  • No! Unlike coconut oil, avocado oil and many plant-based oils, our FATSKN ingredients will not clog your pores. Tallow and cocoa butter are absorbed incredibly quickly into the skin. As for the products with jojoba and squalane oil, these ingredient was specifically chosen for it's non-comedogenic qualities: a rating of 0 out of 4. 

Will Fatskn make me break out?

  • It really depends on what you were using on your skin before and where you are in your natural skin/hair/food journey. Tallow is 80% the same fatty acid composition as our skin and with regular use actually helps the skin to self-regulate sebum (oil) production. If you've been using very harsh cleansers and astringents to suppress your skin's natural oil production and other eruptions, the tallow could potentially allow your skin to breathe and purge what it's been trying to get rid of for a long time. That said, this is quite rare and should only last for a week or two. 

Is Fatskn safe for baby?

  • Yes. All of these ingredients are 100% safe for you and your children. I created these products for myself and my newborn because I couldn't find clean products on the market. I wanted something she could get on her hands and in her mouth and even in her eyes so I chose the highest quality ingredients I could find that she could safely ingest. I massage her every night with these butters. I love that they have no hormone-disrupting perfumes and don't clog her pores. Her skin is absolutely perfect - no baby acne for this girl.