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Whipped body butters.

The one who started it all.  A collection of rich, tallow moisturizers for deeply satisfied skin.  

Mild, natural fragrance, baby-friendly, and unscented– there’s a formula for everyone.

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Purist Whipped Body Butter

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FATBABY Whipped Body Butter

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What is your dry skin craving?

Is your skin always feeling thirsty?  Parched?

If you constantly apply lotions and still feel dry, your conventional creams aren’t nourishing.

Each jar of Fatskn body butter contains a blend of 100% grass-fed tallow, organic jojoba butter, and raw cocoa butter– food for skin.

These saturated fats hydrate and condition, while the naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals support your skin barrier and prevent water loss.

The more you use, the less you’ll need.

Your skin will finally feel satisfied.