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All our newest, tallow-rich releases. Wildcrafted with 100% grass-fed suet tallow and sustainably-sourced botanicals.

Moisturize, scrub, and nourish your way to a glowing complexion and thriving cells.

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Spruce Resin Salve

Spruce Resin Salve


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Mag Stick Deodorant

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Frankincense Face


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Always learning, always growing.

Here at Fatskn, we never stop searching for the best solutions to serve you and your family.

All our products start with research and relationship.

This means we understand what the body craves and trust our local suppliers.

We never cut corners. 

These formulas are rooted in truth and blended with care.

I don’t compromise on my skin health, so why would I compromise on yours?

This is a humble mission to deliver holistic skincare that supports wellness and brings joy.