Tallow Based Magnesium

The Ultimate Natural Transdermal Supplement​


You need Magnesium!​

It is absolutely vital for your body’s most important operating functions. Without it things go haywire. ​I was so excited to pair it with tallow for the ultimate topical Magnesium product.​

They call it deodorant, we call it Spot Treatment!​

It isn’t a deodorant, it’s a transdermal supplement and the armpits are one of best places to take it in. Smelling better is just one of the bonuses! ​Magnesium reduces sweating by supporting your bodies natural mechanisms supports a healthy pit microbiome. Stop putting horrible things on this vital area.​

Customer Reviews

I LOVE this product and will be ordering it regularly!​ This product was a game changer for me. I was skeptical about topical magnesium but I have been applying it to either my armpits or behind my knees before bed and I really do feel relaxed within about 20 minutes and feel an improvement in my sleep. There is no greasy residue and this moisturizer absorbs quickly. This has been a lovely addition to my bed time routine!​​

Mag(ic) Stick: ​This deodorant is THE best! I was skeptical about a how a scentless deodorant could keep the smell at bay after transitioning off the aluminum scented sticks I only knew before but the Mag Stick blew me away. Other "natural" deodorants still seemed to have so many additional ingredients. Mag Stick is simply perfect. SO happy with this product and will be a lifelong user!​​

Very pleased! ​Love the mag tallow! I use it under my arms, behind my knees and on the bottoms of my feet. Put it on my hubby’s neck when he had a headache and it helped! Baby gets a little dose too! We feel calm after!​

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Two winter babies and hard water means their skin needs a little bit of extra care, so when they start to move into a more predictable routine I like to give them a massage with FATBABY after bath and before bed. Sometimes we do a bit of dry brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush or baby brush down their spine. 

FATBABY can be used instead of barrier creams or diaper rash creams. I truly believe the zinc oxide and other chemicals found in so many of them are overkill. With my babies, the few times they've had diaper rash I could immediately connect it to food - often citric acid (tomatoes and oranges). I immediately cut out that food (either from their diet or from my own if they were still breastfeeding), gave them as much diaper free time as I could, and slathered on a generous layer of FATBABY to protect their skin from rubbing against the diaper and to give the skin time to heal. That's really all it needs!

I also use FATBABY for cradle cap! Both my babies had cradle cap and both times I wet their heads and then slathered their scalps in FATBABY. After about 20 minutes I got a fine-tooth comb and gently lifted and combed out as much as I could. It is not painful. You can see the flakes will just lift off. If baby gets annoyed, I just let them be and continue another time. 

    • Grassfed + grassfinished Alberta suet tallow⁠
    • Organic jojoba oil⁠
    • Organic, unrefined (raw) cocoa butter

    Directions: Store at room temperature (18 - 22°C). Do not keep in your purse or car in the hot months as it will melt. Apply head-to-toe, letting it melt as you go. A little goes a long way! As with anything, if any irritation occurs, discontinue use (and reach out if you have any questions).

    Available in standard (40 g) and large (70 g) tins.

    Vital Metabolic Support - Reduce Stress – Sleep better​