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what farm-to-skin means at FATSKN

What does farm to skin mean?

Typically the farm-to-skin brands you'll find are all vegan and frankly they should be called garden-to-skin or ag-to-skin but I agree that doesn't quite flow off the tongue the same way...

FATSKN farm-to-skin 

Here at FATSKN, farm-to-skin, or farm-to-face, means that the ingredients we use in our products are touched as little as possible on their journey from the farm to your skin. With minimal refinement and minimal alterations. In the same way we approach food, we believe that the true benefits of an ingredient come from using it in its whole form. We spent the last 100 years trying to isolate specific pieces of nutrients and vitamins and hormones only to realize that they quite often do more harm than good. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we cannot outsmart nature. Every time we try to, we create an imbalance in another nutrient, another mineral, another part of our life. 

Farm-to-skin ingredients

  • Grassfed + grassfinished tallow: these animals spend their lives on the grasslands in Alberta (or hay during the winter). They never see feedlots, nor are they "finished" on barley or other products (which is the case with most animals that are not grassfinished). They eat what nature intended them to eat and are not artificially fattened for the last two months of their lives just to get a higher price at slaughter. All of our tallow is rendered in-house over a long period of time on as low heat setting as possible to avoid denaturing any of the valuable nutrients. 
  • Honey: raw and unpasteurized is the only way to go! Our apiarists' motto is "food is best when we intervene as little as possible" and we couldn't agree more. When separating from the honey comb, they take special care not to heat the honey about 37°C (98.6°F) so as not to denature the beneficial enzymes in raw honey. 
  • Cacao butter: another beautiful raw product. Cacao butter is made by fermenting the raw seed from the cacao plant, which are then dried, roasted and cracked to create cacao nibs. The nibs are ground into a thick paste (called cacao liquor) and pressed until the fat (cacao butter) separates from the solids (cacao powder).  Our cacao butter is never ever deodorized, which strips the cacao of its amazing nutrients and antioxidants. 
  • Jojoba oil: Our golden Eco-Cert approved jojoba oil is GMO-free and chock full of Vitamin E. A monosaturated fat that is actually a wax, it closely resembles our skin's natural sebum. FATSKN's jojoba oil is cold-pressed from jojoba seeds (no hexane is used in this process). When making our body butters we take care to apply little-to-no heat to the jojoba oil so as not to denature or oxidize it.
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