What is tallow?

What is tallow?

Tallow is beef fat. 

There. I said it. 

Stay with me....

OK so it's beef fat that is "purified" aka rendered which is the process of heating the fat at a low temperature for a long time. Similar to cold pressing, by treating the fat at a low temperature without boiling it, the beneficial properties of the fat remain intact. Our tallow is dry-rendered as opposed to wet-rendered, which means that there is no water used in the rendering process. Dry-rendering is by far the best purification method as nothing is introduced to the product in the process. 

As the tallow is rendered, it melts into a beautiful golden liquid that is solid, stable and creamy white at room temperature. 

Are there different types of tallow?

There are three different types of cattle (with regards to diet):

  1. Grainfed and grainfinished
  2. Grassfed and grainfinished
  3. Grassfed and grassfinished

1. Grainfed and grainfinished: The most common type of commercially-raised cattle as it is the cheapest and requires the least amount of land to raise the cattle. Typically this type of beef is fattier and, due to the limited diet, produces a tallow with few omegas and alpha-linoleic-acids. While standards vary, this type of beef is generally considered the lowest quality meat on the market. 

2. Grassfed and grainfinished: These cows spend their lives grazing in open grasslands and are fed hay (cut and dried grasses) in the winter. They are finished with grain to fatten them up, which results in a high-quality product that has a higher omega and acid profile than a grainfed animal. Most grassfed products on the market are from this type of cattle. 

3. Grassfed and grassfinished: This is the best type of cattle and the hardest to find. Because they are never fed grain, they are typically leaner than the other two options. They are chock full of omegas, essential fatty acids and vitamins thanks to their grazing diets. They spend their lives outside, roaming; like cows should. Grassfed cattle is also the most sustainable method for raising beef based on the theory of regenerative agriculture (or holistic management). The manure returns the nutrients to the soil, which helps deep-rooted grasses grow and prevent erosion. 

But I digress. 

Fatskn tallow is 100% grassfed and grassfinished, which is by far the best type of tallow. Here are some reasons it's so good for our skin:

  • All those extra vitamins (A, D, E, K) are fat-soluble vitamins which means they're ready to be absorbed and used by our skin, which encourages and promotes skin cell regeneration.
  • It has a high quantity of linoleic acid which is an anti-inflammatory (which makes it amazing for issues like eczema or redness). 
  • It's non-greasy and "bio-identical" to human skin which essentially means that it's 100% usable by our body and easy to absorb. 
  • It is safe and natural skincare. Safe for babies and pregnant women - which is the whole reason I created this product in the first place. 
  • It is truly food for your skin.
  • It helps prevent stretchmarks and reduce inflammation (I didn't get any stretchmarks on my first pregnancy - I gained 40 pounds - and I'm 5 months into my second with no sign of any yet! I have stretchmarks on my thighs, bum and boobs from puberty, so I am not genetically immune from them).

Hopefully this gives you a good introduction to the benefits of tallow. If you have any more questions that I haven't answered here or in another blog post, please reach out to me: caitlin@fatskn.com or send us a message on Facebook (@fatskn.care) or Instagram (@fatskn).

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